S. Angelo in Colle

Argiano is one of the oldest wineries in Montalcino. From the time of Ancient Rome to the present day, the Argiano estate has made the history of the territory of Montalcino, becoming one of its most prestigious and traditional elements, a valuable ambassador for its wines in the world and proud to have contributed to the birth of the Brunello ...

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Via Colonica, 1

You’ve heard of organic farming, but have you heard about biodynamic viticulture? If not, then why not head to Avignonesi to learn about this, philosophical form of farming that reflects the ideas of philosopher Rudolph Steiner and his belief that everything in nature is interconnected by resonance or vibe. Located just over the natural bor ...

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Borgo Casa al Vento

Casa al Vento

Based in the renowned Chianti region of Tuscany, Borgo Casa Al Vento is among the few wineries that have taken on the challenge of observing organic production methods, believing that it allows them to maintain the purity and identity of their ingredients and give their oil and wine a unique quality and character. Part of this naturalistic approach ...

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Ca' Del Bosco

Via Albano Zanella, 13

Located in the famed Franciacorta area of Lombardy, Ca' del Bosco winery is a key player in the production of Italian sparkling wine, and is a winery that has become synonymous with high quality and excellence. But despite this current high status, Ca’ del Bosco came from humble beginnings. In the mid-60s, Annamaria Clementi bought a ...

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Casa Emma

S.P. di Castellina in Chianti, 3

Complete with the splendid “Chianti Botanical Park” brimming with blooming Chianti roses, the Casa Emma estate is located in the heart of Chianti Classico territory, and is currently owned by the Bucalossi family. Predominantly growing the area’s famed Sangiovese grape with organic methods, the family are dedicated to maintainin ...

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Castello del Trebbio

Via Santa Brigida, 9

Steeped in history, Fattoria Castello del Trebbio was originally built in 1184 by the noble Florentine de 'Pazzi family, and in 1478 the castle became the seat where the conspiracy to kill Giuliano de 'Medici and Lorenzo il Magnifico was hatched. Today, the castle is less about conspiracy and more about Chianti (though they also produce w ...

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Castello di Verrazzano

Via Citille, 32A

Built by the Verrazzano family in the 7th century, Castello di Verrazanno has an interesting history, having vineyard activity documented on its 220-hectare site since 1150. Fun fact! It was also the birthplace navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano, who discovered the Bay of New York in 1524. Located in Greve in Chianti and purchased by the Cappell ...

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Località San Cassiano, 34

Situated in the famed Langhe and Roero wine area of Piedmont, Ceretto winery is synonymous with a constant search for excellence. For over half a century the winery has been recognized for the high quality of its products, and they are seen as key ambassadors of Piedmont and Italy around the world. Founded in Alba in 1937 by Riccardo Cerreto in a ...

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Derbusco Cives

Via Provinciale, 83

The Erbusco area in Lombardy is for Franciacorta wine what Epernay is for Champagne, as the commune is famed for being home to the very best vineyards to produce the renowned DOCG Italian sparkling wine. One of the most prominent of these vineyards is indefinitely Derbusco Cives – which translates as “citizens of Erbusco” – ...

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La Morandina

Località Morandini, 11

A favourite of famous TV presenter Michael Palin, La Morandina winery, its name deriving from the hill upon which it is situated, has belonged to Giulio Morando’s family for 8 generations – that’s around 300 years! At Morandina, Giulio exclusively produces white wines, including the sweet, sparkling Muscato, which is refreshing an ...

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