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About Urban Food Market

Diga Pasta has embodied a new concept for Italian food. This concept, as we like to call it, is Gourmet fast food. The process is delicious and quick, as the name implies. First, you can choose from a variety of homemade pasta, produced with all local and natural ingredients. Then, you move down the line to pick from a variety of fresh vegetables, homemade sauces, high-class proteins, and Italian cheeses. At Diga Pasta, you can be assured that your plate will uphold the highest quality ingredients with an array of local produce and meats that will be sure to satisfy your palate. We have a wonderful staff that will see you through your pasta making process, and help you make the perfect signature plate. This quick and easy method of preparing a wonderful plate of pasta will allow you to become an active ingredient in your own personal dish, which will tailor to your preference and taste. This is the best way to do fast Italian. 

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About Chef

Mirko Di Giacomantonio

Mirko Di Giacomantonio

The best food is what reminds me of my childhood, my homeland. In my restaurants I don't only care about offering high quality food, but also about the emotion and joy of being connected with a place and a community. I have tried to adapt the traditions of Abruzzo and Italy to the local reality, providing an authentic cuisine.

Chef Mirko, a native of a small coastal town called Tortoreto, developed this concept; Tortoreto is located in the region of Abruzzi in Italy. Mirko has been surrounded by food his entire life. He learned to cook by watching his maternal grandmother named Rosa, or as he lovingly refers to as Noni, work tirelessly in the family kitchen. Mirko saw Noni prepare food every day for family and friends. He learned "how to" cook, but more importantly, Noni imparted to him the love that is embodied in freshly prepared food placed in the center of a table. Mirko sums it up best, "When people come to Urban I want them to feel like I felt when I went to my grandmother's house." Enjoy a delicious meal served up with love in an environment filled with enthusiasm, joy and passion.

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