Antwerp plant-based gastronomic Discover Belgium's hidden gem, a haven for foodies seeking a break from Europe's capital cities Antwerp is a charming port... Taste of Sicily A journey to explore Sicily's incredible food and wine culture. A trip back in time discovering the influence of those... Aeolian Islands Seven sisters islands of volcanic origin, each with its strong, unique character and countless natural wonders: this is the Aeolian... Western Sicily Wine Routes Western Sicily is a land of wonderful history, ancient civilizations and one of Italy’s most interesting wine districts. Here, beautiful... Apulian Delights Apulia is a region with centuries of history, incredible natural beauties, and fascinating villages. Food is a big part of... Amalfi Coast & Apulia Bask in the glorious sunshine and azure waters of Southern Italy exploring the picture-perfect regions of Campania and Puglia. Combining... Taste of Amalfi Coast The Amalfi Coast is a sum up of picture-perfect towns full of multi-coloured houses, absolutely fantastic beaches, coastal walks and... Villages of Tuscany From Montepulciano to the celebrated Chianti territory, Tuscany's gorgeous hilltop towns are the perfect backdrop for this wonderful gastronomic tour... Maremma A captivating trip to Tuscany’s wild countryside, a land off the beaten path which is as authentic as it is... From Piedmont down to Emilia Culture and passion for food and wine. That is the main common denominator of the three different territories that you... Le Langhe Langhe is one of the most scenic places to visit in Piedmont. Sweet landscapes, quaint villages, medieval churches and castles,... Oltrepò Pavese The Oltrepò Pavese wine region is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. It is often neglected by tourists and wine lovers... Alta Badia Flavours Alta Badia is South Tyrol’s gourmet valley, with four Michelin-starred restaurants in an area of just 15 kilometers. It’s a... South Tyrol & The Prosecco Wine Route South Tyrol is Italy’s northernmost province, a land of fascinating contrasts where Italian culture blends with Austrian traditions and Alpine... The Prosecco Route Get ready for a deep dive into the world of Italy’s most famous sparkling wine! The land of Prosecco is... Lake Garda & Franciacorta Lake Garda is a great destination to combine lakeside relaxation, some cultural sightseeing and amazing food and wine experiences. Italy’s...
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