Agent Registration

ITM Journeys wanted to find a way to share a big part of what makes Italy, and other parts of Europe, so special: the food and wine. ITM Journeys has thought long and hard about a way to bridge the gap between cuisine and the American traveler, and thus, Chef's Table Travels was born.

At ITM Journeys, we understand the great importance of working with the travel advisor and found this program to be not only a way to have the travel advisor intimately involved in what we are so passionate about but a way to reward the travel advisor through marketing their services to potential new clientele.

In collaboration with ITM Journeys, the travel advisor and the restaurant, the potential client essentially experiences three-dimensional service without even knowing it. They receive exquisite cuisine from ITM Journeys approved restaurant which leads them to potential interest in a culinary tour with ITM Journeys which leads them to you, the travel advisor, the person who will complete the cycle in not only booking a fabulous holiday with ITM Journeys, but hopefully in building a sustainable rapport with the client for years to come.

ITM Journeys welcomes you, as an approved travel advisor for Chef's Table Travels!