About us

Chef’s Table Travels is a wonderful collaborative project with ITM Journeys and the American-Italian Chamber of Commerce of New York and AICNY, the association of Italian Chefs of New York.

ITM Journeys, a Destination Management Company covering many parts of Europe, is always in pursuit of the most exceptional experiences for the savvy 
traveler while understanding the ever-changing and fluid culture of travel. 
Chef’s Table Travels is an extension of understanding the need to create bespoke experiences for those wanting to immerse themselves in the culture of the country, to meet the everyday locals that create the fine foods and wines of the region and to have both an emotional and human experience that will be taken with them throughout their lifetime.

Chef’s Table Travels is an outreach opportunity to expand the culture of Italy and other parts of Europe through food and wine to the American wanting not only to have a delicious meal but wanting to discover a region that they may know nothing about. ITM Journeys continually strives to give the traveler exactly what they want: utmost service, luxury within reach and memories that will last a lifetime.