Chefs & Travels is a unique concept in culinary tourism that transports discerning travelers to Italy for high-end, curated food and wine journeys.
These tour packages are promoted and endorsed by top chefs from leading Italian restaurants from across the United States, who act as ambassadors for these authentic food and wine adventures, which will enable you to travel right to the epicenter of Italian cuisine and meet people who are passionate about producing high-quality food.
Sample and savor local flavors and experience first-hand the richness of Italy’s culinary tradition through itineraries that include unique, off the beaten track experiences. ​

Featured Journeys

Emperors & Shepherds

Rome, Tuscia & Abruzzi

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Partners Chefs

Chef: Roberto Caporuscio

Kesté Pizza & Vino
271 Bleecker Street, New York 

Chef: Mirko

MIrko Pasta Marietta
1281 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta 

Chef: Erminio Conte

PRIME 1024
1024 Northern Blvd, Roslyn 

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Selected Wineries

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Unique Farms & Producers

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